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We are happy to welcome everyone to Urartu restaurant!
Since 2001 our family-run restaurant has been serving tasty traditional Armenian cuisine. Whether you are dining with the family, having a romantic meal for two, an official meeting, an engagement party or a wedding this is a place for you.
Under the professional supervision of proprietors, Varteks and Knarik Kochikyan, you will be served food by an attentive staff in a warm and friendly atmosphere. An experience you are sure to enjoy and want to repeat.
Located 50 meters above sea level our medieval-style restaurant has an outside space with a traditional Armenian stove called “Tonir”, a fountain and a beautiful grape conservatory. The interior decoration, created by talented craftsmen, takes you back in time. The walls are decorated with natural river stone to create harmony. Hand carved wooden bas relieves tell you about periods in Armenian history and a central panel shows most famous places in Armenia.
Urartu was an Iron age kingdom centered around Lake Van in the Armenian Highland. The kingdom rose to power in the mid 9th century BC. The Armenians became the direct successors of the Urartian culture. Urartu is to Armenians what ancient Britons are to the English and Gauls are to the French.
Armenian cuisine is more than 2000 years old. It distinguishes itself by its subtle taste, extensive use of fresh herbs and spices. The flavor of our food relies on the quality and freshness of the ingredients. In our restaurant you can enjoy the most popular Armenian dishes.
Urartu is very popular with both locals and tourists visiting Sochi. Many famous people have visited our restaurant and left their messages in our special guest book. We have also received a number of awards including one from the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation in 2007.
Come and join us for a meal.
Tel.: +7 918-106-15-25